Introduction: J.R. Daniel Kirk

To kick-off the blog tour, J.R. Daniel Kirk has posted an introduction to Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? on his blog “Storied Theology.”

He writes:

I hope to show through the book that Paul is, at root, a narrative theologian, reframing the stories of God, Israel, Messiah, and Salvation around Jesus as crucified and risen king.

As I do this, I lay out the story that Jesus enacts in the Gospels and set it side-by-side the story that Paul himself tells. Both are stories of God’s renewal of the cosmos: Jesus using the language of the Kingdom of God, Paul using the category of new creation. Both envision the family of God being reformed around Jesus–so that community is a core component of the salvation Jesus brings. Both summon would-be Jesus followers to obedience–and hold up Jesus’ self-giving love as the heart of Christian faith and practice.

You can read the whole blog post here.

Later this morning, Nijay Gupta will tackle chapter one of the book.


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