Chapter 2: Matthew Montonini

Today on the tour, two bloggers will tackle chapter 2 of Kirk’s Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?

First up is Matthew Montonini. Matthew begins his post by saying:

Many of us in our church experiences have been given a rather incomplete, and frankly, wrong-headed picture of the salvation Jesus offers. We have been indoctrinated into the Romans Road to Salvation and have bought into a “me-centered, escapist system” (32). Further, Paul is seen to purport such an individualistic vision of salvation. What does the phrase, “Jesus is Lord” really mean? How is the “kingdom of God” that Jesus proclaimed the gospel? When we turn to the Gospels and examine Jesus’ life,

“We begin to be gripped with a far more expansive vision of Jesus’ lordship as a state of affairs that we are called to align ourselves to. Tugging on any of these threads will begin to unravel the fabric of an individualistic and escapist gospel tapestry (32).”

So begins chapter 2, “New Creation and the Kingdom of God” in J.R. Daniel Kirk’s, Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? A Narrative Approach to the Problem of Pauline Christianity.

Check out the full post here.

Matthew has a MA in New Testament from Ashland Theological Seminary and hopes to pursue a PhD in NT.

He currently blogs at “New Testament Perspectives“.


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