Chapter 4: A K M Adam

AKM Adam has posted his entry for the blog tour. He tackles Chapter 4 of Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? – “Living Out the Jesus Narrative”

He writes:

 In all this, I applaud the trajectory of Kirk’s interpretation of Jesus and Paul (and particularly in Chapter Five, where Kirk treats the topic of inclusivity — but that’s not my chapter to discuss). I would argue with him on points of detail here and there, but these would be the sorts of argument that we might conduct convivially over a pint of Chip 71 or Cart Blanche, or perhaps one of Kirk’s own home brews. Kirk speaks from a vision informed by Hays and Gorman, adopting the trope of ‘discipleship as playing/improvising a role in the divine drama’ popularised by Wright (pioneered by Lash and Young, redeployed by Vanhoozer, and focussed into ethical principle by Wells), yet with a voice of his own. Kirk’s Jesus Have I Loved… exemplifies the best sort of New Testament theologising in current scholarship — richly grounded in (critical) appropriation of Scripture, remaining recognisably close to Scripture’s own words, arranged so as to reveal a persuasive greater coherence.

Read the entire post here.

AKM Adam (PhD, Duke University) is Lecturer in New Testament at the University of Glasgow.

He currently blogs at “AKMA’s Random Thoughts”.


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