Chapter 9: Mason Slater

Mason Slater has posted his take on chapter 9 from Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?  – “Homosexuality under the Reign of Christ”

He writes:

So what does it look like to love our homosexual neighbor as ourselves? The last few pages of the chapter wrestle with that admittedly complex question. I won’t delve into specifics at the moment, but the general thrust is this – is it loving the GLBT community as we would want to be loved if we deny them rights that we would never want others to deny to us?

We’ve failed miserably in our treatment this group of people, but the Christian narrative of love and self sacrifice might just point a way forward.

Read the entire post here.

Mason Slater is a MA student at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, a freelance writer/blogger, and a publishing consultant.

He currently blogs at “New Ways Forward”


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