Chapter 10: Joel Willitts

Joel Willitts has posted on the tenth, and final, chapter of Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? – “Living Interpretations”

He writes:

If I have read Daniel rightly, I am more than sympathetic to his perspective on the relationship between Jesus and Paul. And I am particularly grateful for his stress on the story of Israel within which both Jesus and Paul lived, moved and breathed. I affirm, also, his impulse to see the outcome of the story, or the effects of the story, as utmost important. Jesus lived, died and rose again to enact a Kingdom and new creation. Paul sought though a ministry patterned on Jesus’ death and resurrection to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom to the gentiles for the purpose of bringing about the obedience of faith among them (Rom 1:5; 16:26).

Read the entire post here.

Dr. Joel Willitts is Associate Professor in Biblical and Theological Studies at North Park University and College Pastor at Christ Community Church.

Joel currently blogs at “Euangelion“.


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