During the blog tour, you can enter to win a Baker Academic Paul Book Package – including five great titles from Baker Academic. We will also be giving away copies of Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?

The giveaway has closed. Winners will be announced on Monday.

Grand Prize Includes:

Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? by J.R. Daniel Kirk
J. R. Daniel Kirk offers a fresh and timely engagement of the debated relationship between Paul’s writings and the portrait of Jesus contained in the Gospels. He integrates the messages of Jesus and Paul both with one another and with the Old Testament, demonstrating the continuity that exists between these two foundational figures.
Paul and the Mission of the Church by James P. Ware
This essential study examines Paul’s letter to the Philippians in its ancient Jewish context, making a convincing case that Paul expected churches to continue the work of spreading the gospel.
Moral Formation according to Paul by James W. Thompson
This fresh treatment of Paul’s ethics addresses this question: how, according to Paul, can Christian communities know how God wants them to live? Leading biblical scholar James Thompson explains that Paul offers a coherent moral vision based not only on the story of Christ but also on the norms of the law.
Paul and Scripture by Steve Moyise
This volume illuminates Paul’s use of the Old Testament, providing a big-picture overview for students of the New Testament. Steve Moyise, a recognized expert on the use of the Old Testament in the New, discusses Paul’s handling of creation stories, Abraham, Moses, the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings. He then assesses competing contemporary approaches to Paul’s interpretations of Scripture.
Romans (PAIDEIA series) by Frank J. Matera
In this volume, respected New Testament scholar Frank Matera examines cultural context and theological meaning in Romans. This commentary, like each in the eighteen-volume Paideia series, approaches each text in its final, canonical form, proceeding by sense units rather than word-by-word or verse-by-verse.

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  7. I have enjoy reading the Blog Tour reviewing Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul? by J.R. Daniel Kirk.

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